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Prevu3D Partners With LOOOM to Expand Their Digital Twin Presence in Europe

Prevu3D and LOOOM will offer a comprehensive, end-to-end service that creates hyper realistic replicas of industrial environments
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Alex Lindert
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January 30, 2023

Prevu3D and LOOOM will offer a comprehensive, end-to-end service that creates hyper realistic replicas of industrial environments

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with LOOOM, an Austria-based provider of 3D laser scanning and digital twin services. Together, Prevu3D and LOOOM offer a comprehensive, end-to-end service that creates hyper realistic replicas of industrial environments, and delivers them with an interactive and collaborative solution that lets the end user virtually move around in the environment. This means that facilities managers and administrators, site planners, engineers and safety inspectors – and many other stakeholders within the enterprise – can make decisions and share information based on what’s really going on in the environment, not outdated blueprints or 2D computer-aided design (CAD) files.

LOOOM, headquartered in Linz, is an established technology provider with a proven track record in Europe, and especially in the German-speaking (DACH) market: Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Many leading manufacturing companies in that market are at the center of digital twin and industry 4.0 transformation. The LOOOM partnership will enable Prevu3D to further develop our presence in this key market, and deliver a better experience to our German-speaking customer base.

“We are very excited to add LOOOM to our select list of business partners”, said Michel Besner, Vice-President of Development and Strategy at Prevu3D. “We were looking for a team that not only understands the value of building digital twins using reality capture data, but also has a solid understanding of the industrial manufacturing space.”
“Our goal when we founded LOOOM in 2007 was the same as it is today: to establish and improve the digital processes in companies by developing and bringing convincing digital business solutions to our customers. So that people and companies around the world can reach their full potential. With our partner Prevu3D we have the opportunity to offer the highest level of service, the widest range of products and the most competitive prices.”

LOOOM can help DACH-based customers with the adoption of Prevu3D, and also provide the turnkey services manufacturing companies need to deploy a functional digital twin using reality capture data. Using the Prevu3D platform, LOOOM can take massive amounts of 3D scanned data and convert it into a truly interactive and simple-to-use digital twin. LOOOM’s and Prevu3D’s combined expertise will allow our customers to collaborate more easily, and make better and better-informed decisions regarding industrial planning challenges – resulting in improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and lower travel costs.


LOOOM is an owner-managed digitization agency based in Linz on the Danube. The company can help stage ideas, products, and brands for a sustainable digital experience. Their focus is on complex integration projects at the interface between indoor scanning – BIM models and the digital twin. Click here for more information about LOOOM.

About Prevu3D

Prevu3D are experts in 3D scanning technologies and the creation of functional digital twins. We develop advanced software tools that facilitate better management of industrial installations – reducing risks and delays on engineering projects, correctly documenting factory infrastructure, and improving communications between stakeholders. We bridge the gap between reality and the digital world by providing a centralized source of information and powerful, intuitive and immersive tools that empower our clients to communicate, collaborate and work more efficiently. Click here for more information about Prevu3D.

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